MoGRTS for beginners
MoGRT or Motion Graphics Template is a type of template. With this template, you can use complex motion graphics, like lower thirds, intros, or other graphic overlays in your Premiere Pro project. They usually come with lots of controls that are easy to use. You can create them in After Effects and export them as a Motion Graphics template (.mogrt) in Premiere Pro. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand MoGRTs.

Do I need After Effects installed on my computer to use MoGRTS in Premiere Pro?
Some templates require the installation of After Effects to customize them in Premiere Pro. Most templates do not require After Effects to be installed to customize them in Premiere Pro. However, some templates use effects not supported natively in Premiere Pro and thus need After Effects. You need at least a trial version of After Effects installed on your computer. You do not need to purchase After Effects to use Motion Graphics templates in Premiere Pro.

Where can I find the Essential Graphics Panel within Premiere Pro?
In Premiere Pro, select Windows and Essential Graphics. The Essential Graphics panel will appear.

How to install MoGRT?
In the Essential Graphics Panel, click the “+” icon at the bottom part of the panel. A new pop-up window opens. Find and select a .mogrt template you want to use and click the “Open” button. This template will appear in the Essential Graphics Panel. Drag your template into a new sequence and change available controls.

The benefits of using MoGRTS?
They are easy to use and come with many controls for easy manipulation. They are accessible. You can find many free and paid templates online. Templates are reusable. You can reuse the exact template several times. They are also customizable. You can easily change any property like size, color, position, text, thickness, animation style, etc.